Before I could walk, before I could talk I was a happy-go-lucky guy rarely singing the blues. Born in Vancouver and raised throughout the civilized world (i.e. Canada) I had a wonderful childhood. By the time I hit Junior High my family had settled down in the Great White North.

Baby Dan Going through my teens in the Canadian Arctic afforded me a unique outlook on the world. To start, we were extremely isolated to many of the influences associated with living in the city, or even living in an established rural area. One couldn't just get in the car and take off for a day, we had about two miles of road. And most of the kids I grew up with were from "somewhere else" blending a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. With such a variety of backgrounds the musical influences were unbelievable. No such thing as top 40, so we weren't indoctronated to what was being pounded on the radio... we were able to explore quite a mosaic of music. With only one T.V. and radio station - no such thing as video games or the WWW - I was drawn to the guitar and writing songs...

When I went away to University my eyes were open to a whole new world, something most would probably take for granted. My first year away from home, not only did I study (and I use that term loosely), but I was also fortunate enough to be a page in the House of Commons. I've never had to become "an angry young man", I am truly amazed and in awe of the world around me on a daily basis. After spending three years at Carleton University and the University of Victoria. I was drawn toward the life on the road as a musician, experiencing life first hand. Family

For over ten years I travelled throughout western Canada playing bars and festivals and meeting people of all walks of life. During this journey I have been blessed with three lovely children and a beautiful and understanding wife. Having such a wonderful family helps keep my feet on the ground!

My ambition is to share my experiences, thoughts and emotion through song. Come with me...

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