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Submission Policy:
Zamie Songs Publishing is always looking for high-quality songs and songwriters to promote around the world. Please submit ONLY on CD FINISHED product, we currently are not accepting "demo" material. We listen and promote ALL genres of music. We are interested in only the quality of song and viability of promoting it successfully for the Songwriter. We also promote the artist for licensing and label Agreements if that is your intention.

Please submit all material to:

Zamie Songs/Boa Records
223, 5512 - Fourth Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J0

Helpful Hints:
- Submit only your best songs with the BEST production you can afford
- We are not interested in huge lead breaks (unless the song is an instrumental), long intros or other self-indulgences... let us hear the song
- Listen to the Song Samples on our Song page to get an indication of the material that has aready been signed by Zamie Songs
- Do not include too many songs on the CD... once you have piqued our curiousity, we will ask for more
- Label ALL of your material, including the CD
- Do not send a Promotional Package... a cover letter and CD is sufficient. If we need additional material, we will contact you (leave us wanting more!)

#223, 5512 - Fourth Street N.W. Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J0 CANADA
Phone: (403) 274-1654
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