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When you gave away your body
Did you give away your soul too
I donīt know just how you did it
Didnīt mean that much to you

What ever could have happened
Too make you need them so bad
Throw away your pride and soul
Too any faceless man

You so sweet
Any man could love you so
If youīd taken some time to talk
He might have let you know

When you see a man youīve had before
Do you stare him in the eyes
When you never say hello
How can you say goodbye

When you meet a man who loves you
Donīt tell him where youīve been
What he worked for wonīt seem like much
Knowing it been given away for free

I know men have done it
But itīs not the same
A manīs got to work for it
To a woman itīs just a game

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