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Greater Than the Earth

Dark blue moody skys refleacted in your eyes
So tenderly waitin, but who where I to disagree
With time so fleeting, yes itīs fleeting

Guess you just loved yourself
But of course who wouldnīt, for it was plain to see
How wonderful you were, reigning brilliantly

Were you greater than the Earth
As far asy you could see
Greater than the Earth
Did you actually believe
Youīd be greater than the Earth
Sure as sure could be,, absolutely sure?

Iīve seen a few come and go like you do
Who do you think you are, acting like your some kinda a supaīstar
Far from a king, your always commanding
Your silence a threat, your ego demanding
You devour, playing with power at any hour
You take at any rate, you make no mistake
Cause you are Gods sake.

We all believed your long dramatic stories
During the party, canīt remember what we were celebrating for
As you got up to leave, so unexpectedly
Saw a look in your eyes
Of vile unpleasantries, a futile history

But you were greater than the earth
Greater than the Earth
Greater than the Earth
Positivly, positivly?

No doubt you are all about, all that and then some
Always number one ahead of the game no matter who it pains
You can never be blamed no need to be ashamed of your actions
Because you are the attraction, always in action
You are so fine
Mighty, higher, smoother, better, cooler, greater than all things on Earth.

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