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Man In the Moon

She dances in the breeze
Under the man in the moon
She whispers a million dreams
To the man in the moon

  Watches northern lights like fire
Blaze across the sky
Higher up than any dreams
Ever seen through her eyes

  Ask yourself what's wrong or right
Can you hold on now, can you hold on tight
Do you miss his gaze looking down on you
Do you miss talking to the man in the moon

  As a little girl her only friend
Was the man in the moon
But now she's grown yet still confides
In the man in the moon

  Oh I can take you anywhere
Just close your eyes and I'll be there
When the nights are cold and lonely
Just hang on up above your wildest dreams

  'Cause there's God's wings to carry you home
On the wings of an angel on the eve of dawn
I'd lay down at your feet whisper your name
Cry out loud, I need you again

  Would you cry out loud, drop to the sound
Of a feather in the wind
To the man in the moon

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